PUGA® polyurethane is widely used and based on many years of experience, know-how and an impressive machine park and tooling, we are able to design and manufacture almost any product, e.g.

  • wear-resistant and protective elements – nozzles, wet cyclones, strips, plates, scrapers, dumps, downpipes, chutes, scoop bucket, pump components (rotors, pump casing linings and connectors), track and foot pads for construction machinery, plain coats and rings for rollers, which are successfully used in the processing of loose materials (segregation, mixing, dosing, processing and transport) protecting equipment and its elements against wear (excessive abrasion) and corrosion.


  • sealing elements - reactor seals, sealing rings and gaskets for power hydraulics, flat gaskets in which PUGA® polyurethane is used as a sealing material and that are used in difficult operating conditions, such as operating pressure above 20MPa, variable speeds, continuous operation or high level of the working medium contamination.


  • cushioning elements - flexible coupling inserts, springs, silent blocks, shock absorbers, mounts, bumpers, fenders that have a cushioning function and suppress vibrations and impacts or position elements as well as accumulate and release elastic energy.


  • bi-component products, where PUGA® polyurethane is permanently combined with metal, rubber, plastics (PA, PP, PE, POM, PTFE), ceramics and other materials.


  • parts for machines and devices – covers, rollers, bushings, rollers and pins, fittings that ensure durability and extended lifespan of the elements, at the same time minimizing machine and equipment downtime connected with repairs.

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