TBT℠ Technology



The conventional methods for preparation of prefabricated products and their further use in the manufacture of rubber and metal products include several independent process operations which require a large amount of manual labour. These processes are not only time-consuming: they are also not providing repeatable surface properties, including proper surface degrease and development in advance of the next operation, which is the application of adhesive coatings, influencing as a result later quality, durability and efficiency of the metal/rubber joint.


Thanks to its research and development work spanning several years, Takoni sp. z o.o. is the sole manufacturer of rubber products in the world to possess the unique TBT℠, technology, which allows the manufacturing of new and/or significantly improved rubber and metal products. The subject of TBT℠ technology is a multi-stage method for manufacturing rubber and metal elements, which includes chemical surface preparation, the application of multi-component adhesive agents to metal prefabricated products and the application of a rubber coating to their surface in the vulcanisation process.


TBT℠ technology ensures high repeatability in properties of manufactured metal and rubber products at reduced production and logistics costs, definitely providing them with the highest level of quality. Nor is there a lack of significance in the aspect of a substantial reduction in environmental pollution. This is possible due to a reduction in the consumption of adhesive agents and water (owing to the possession of a system for its treatment and use in closed systems). In addition, thanks to the use of highly harmful solvent substances having been abandoned, TBT℠ technology does not emit harmful substances into the environment.


The innovative  TBT℠ technology ensures the acquisition of:

  • a top-quality rubber/metal joint in compliance with individual design assumptions for static and dynamic loads;
  • a high resistance of rubber and metal products to loads (including shear and rupture loads);
  • a corrosion resistance in metal parts not vulcanised with rubber (purchased to some extent free of charge), obtained thanks to the unique protective coating.


Thanks to the new features acquired as a result of the introduction of patented TBT℠  technology, products manufactured using this process will exert an effect in:

  • an improvement in comfort of use of final products delivered to the end customer;
  • an extension in product lifetime;
  • a reduction in failure frequency;
  • an extension of product applications to load and temperature ranges which have thus far not been possible.


The essence of TBT℠ technology is a means of manufacturing rubber and metal elements which is characterised by complete versatility in a very wide range of overall dimensions and shapes as well as innovative features such as:

  •  optical control of metal elements to eliminate defective and/or off-size elements;
  • surface preparation of metal elements in an automatic immersion line;
  • application of multi-component adhesive agents to a metal element within an automatic spray booth system;
  • soaking of metal elements for permanent adhesion of glue coating. TBT℠ technology is subject to industrial property rights. A report on the state of the art including market research in Germany, the USA, Italy and Finland displayed the highest mark of AAAA, i.e. confirming the state of the art, but not undermining the novelty and inventive level of the invention. On this basis, the technology is the subject of a patent application at the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland under number P.396623 and at the Swedish Patent and Registration Office under number 1251003-8.