To achieve a high level of satisfaction of all customers a quality certified system has been implemented in compliance with international specification IATF 16949.

The quality system covers control, prevention, and continuous enhancement that entails actions pursued across the organisation allowing constant improvement of the quality of our products.

Owing to highly developed awareness that the quality is created in planning processes, methods and tools of advanced quality planning (APQP, PPAP) are employed, including a feasibility study, FMEA, requalification examinations, sampling, and validation that are derived from technical analysis, terms and conditions of contracts and requirements of customers.

Quality, Environment, and Safety have been defined in management documentation on the basis of standards of such management systems that are integrated with each other on the basis of international and Polish standards and technical specifications: ISO 9001, IATF 16949, AQAP 2110, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001.


The implemented and certified Quality Management System is integrally connected to environmental requirements set forth in ISO 14001 Standard. We obtained the certificate for the Environmental Management System demonstrating:

  • compliance with the provisions of law,
  • involvement in the environment protection,
  • innovative and future-oriented thinking and approach,
  • better environmental risk management, both presently and in the future,
  • savings.

With the care of the natural environment in mind, we direct all our operations so as to minimize all waste. The waste we produce is supervised and utilized in compliance with the standard requirements and the provisions of the law.