TRIM® polyurethane products (TR)

We offer a wide range of polyurethane processing technologies, including the TRIM® (reactive injection moulding) method. It makes the elements made of polyurethane resins not only have high technical parameters but also excellent visual qualities.

Among many advantages of TRIM® technology, we may mention the following:

  • excellent quality and durability of the polyurethane from which the parts are made, high strength and low weight of elements,
  • possibility to design much more complex and larger shapes of products, which may be impossible to achieve using other methods,
  • low production costs,
  • the possibility of using moulds made of cheaper materials than steel, which is of great importance in the production of prototypes and short series of elements, in which TRIM® seems to be perfect,
  • elements made of polyurethane resins produced using this technology are characterised with heat resistance, good dynamic properties and dimensional stability. They are resistant to acids and other harmful chemicals, including solvents. Their resistance to weather conditions and aging is also a great advantage.


What makes the TRIM® technology unique is the fact that instead of the finished granulate, a mixture of a liquid prepolymer or monomer and a polymerizing agent is injected into the mould. Liquid polyurethane resins do need liquefaction, which allows the moulds to shape elements at lower pressure and ambient temperature. As a result, compared to traditional injection, they allow the production of large and light details with more complex shapes and thinner walls.
The outstanding advantages of the TRIM® production method are appreciated not only in the production of body panels in automotive industry, but also by medical devices manufacturers, producers of household appliances, sports products, machines, structural elements or electronics.

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