PUGA® polyurethane products (PU)

Polyurethane (PU/PUR) has been used since 1937 for the production of technical products where high loads occur on working machines or devices causing significant mechanical and dynamic stress: bending, compression, torsion, as well as friction, vibration and quick wear due to abrasion.

It is a material that perfectly fills the space between rubber and constructional plastics in material engineering and as a result, it is an alternative to rubber, ceramics, basalt or metal alloys in the production of technical parts for machinery and equipment for industry.

Our knowledge and experience in polyurethane products allowed us to design a polyurethane matrix based PUGA® material dedicated to specific applications with properties that are most suitable for the function that the product fulfils in a device.

PUGA® polyurethane has excellent mechanical properties (tensile strength, further tearing). It is very resistant to abrasion and compression and due to its elasticity, it is perfect for damping elements. The lifespan of PUGA® polyurethane parts is 6 to 10 times greater than that of rubber products.

PUGA® is also characterised by very good resistance to mineral oils, fats, petrol, solvents and weak solutions of acids and bases. What is important, it does not age when exposed to oxygen and ozone, as well as light radiation (including UV), which significantly extends the lifespan of polyurethane products.

PUGA® polyurethane products can be used in continuous operation maintaining required elasticity in the temperature range between -30ºC (-50ºC) and +90ºC (+125ºC) in an environment with a pH level between 4 and 12.

PUGA® is the trade name of Takoni Sp. z o.o

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