The unique technology of coating metal pipes from the inside or outside with a layer of PUGA® polyurethane gives the possibility of producing piping components such as pipes (straight), elbows/bends, tees, reducers/reducers - nozzles, flexible and transparent expansion joints, connectors, distributers and manifolds.

Based on the analysis of the research performed, experiments and tests, using inner coating of PUGA® polyurethane has a lot of advantages:

  • protection against abrasion and rust - increasing the lifespan of the pipes and protecting against corrosion will allow the installation to last longer without failures and repairs,
  • a perfectly smooth surface of pipes with low roughness, which prevents adhesion of the transported medium to the walls of the pipe, which perfectly reduces friction and as a result linear and local losses during the medium flow,
  • increase of pipeline capacity,
  • increasing the chemical resistance of the pipeline to oil derivatives based on hydrocarbons: kerosene, petrol, petroleum, oils and greases,
  • pollution reduction - eliminating rust in metal pipes, which improves the chemical purity of the transported medium,
  • noise reduction, damping and dispersing the dynamic energy of stream reaction in the pipeline,
  • reducing operating costs in pipeline transportation.


Our unique technology also allows assembling pipes and system components without additional gaskets!

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