PIGA® polyurethane products (PI)

PIGA® integral polyurethane foams thanks to their properties have a very wide range of applications, successfully replacing upholstery elements, rubber and other materials. PIGA® polyurethane products are characterized by high water resistance (including salt water) and other chemicals, which makes them very easy and convenient to clean. Their advantages are also hypoallergenicity, high resistance to abrasion and UV. Our technology allows individual customer to adjust the hardness, density, colour, gloss and all other properties to their needs.

We make products from PIGA® polyurethane foams tailored to the individual customer’s needs. The solutions we provide in the field of foamed polyurethane are used in many industries, including  the automotive or furniture industries.

The development of the automotive industry made PIGA® polyurethane foams very popular in the industry and they gained wide recognition. Currently, we process and supply for the industry two types of PIGA® foam polyurethane - rigid and integral foam.
PIGA® rigid foam, thanks to its very low thermal conductivity, is an excellent thermal insulation material. In addition, it is highly resistant to many organic solvents. What is more, its effective acoustic performance and high adhesion at the production stage, make it an efficient solution in the car design process.

PIGA® integral foams are perfect for visible elements of a vehicle interior. High resistance to mechanical damage makes this type of polymers can successfully be used in the production of steering wheels and gear shift knobs and is an interesting alternative to leather elements or other materials.

PIGA® integral foams, thanks to their insulating properties and high resistance to mechanical damage, can also provide effective protection for flexible elements in the engine compartment, such as rubber hoses or wire bundles:

  • durability,
  • comfort,
  • functionality,
  • low weight,
  • quality,
  • competitive price,
  • unlimited range of colours


PIGA® integral polyurethane foams products can also be used in a wide range of applications in the furniture industry. Chair seats and stools, headrests or armrests are the examples of implemented projects.

We make steel, aluminium and composite moulds needed for the production process in our own tool shop.

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