Die-cut products

The range of die- and kiss-cut products offered is very wide, which results from both diversity of base materials and our technologies.

The following are used as base materials for manufacturing die- and kiss cut products: polyurethane and polyethylene foams; solid rubbers; EPDM, NBR and CR-based cellular foam rubbers; technical felts; velours; non-woven fabrics; PTFE; aluminum and graphite foils; aramid fiber composites, natural and mineral fiber-based composites; bitumen sheets; multi-layer laminates and others.

Depending on the application, these materials can be laminated on one or both sides.

Modern machinery allows the base materials to be processed using the most efficient processing technologies such as:  complete DIE-cutting; KISS-cutting on backing materials; CNC cutting and milling; and waterjet cutting.
Most often, our die- and kiss-cut products are used for the following purposes: sound insulation; thermal insulation; sealing; mechanical protection and many others depending on individual customer requirements.

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