CorT® elastomeric cords

The technologies we have, many years of experience and know-how have enabled us to introduce corT® elastomeric cords to our offer.

Currently, the offer includes solid cords with a round profile in the diameter range from 1,00 to 15,00mm made of:

  • rubber compounds: NBR, FKM (viton®), VMQ (silicon)
  • orange or green polyurethane


The properties of corT® elastomeric cords are directly determined by the raw material used for production, i.e. rubber compound or polyurethane.

corT® elastomeric cords have a very wide range of applications:

  • automotive industry,
  • agriculture,
  • construction,
  • shipbuilding industry,
  • food industry,
  • chemical industry.


corT® elastomeric cords are available in rolls of 25 linear metres. A roll of 25 linear metres is a purchasing unit.

Diameter tolerances of corT® elastomeric cord:

  • 1 - 5mm     = ± 0.30mm
  • 5 - 10mm     = ± 0.40mm
  • 10 - 15mm     = ± 0.50mm


Working environment temperature range of the corT® elastomeric cords:

  • NBR     -30 to +100°C
  • FKM     -40 to +220°C
  • VMQ    -70 to +200°C
  • PU        -40 to +150°C

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